The Jack Randel Special – An Oklahoma Sport Custom

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Here’s a car that I’ve been researching for more than five years – and it has sidemount tires!  What a fabulous custom car this would be to see in person.  Let’s see what Hot Rod Magazine had to say about the Jack Randel Special back in January, 1954.

Oklahoma Original
Hot Rod Magazine: January, 1954


The custom bug first sank its fangs into Jack Randel, Oklahoma City accessory and supply house owner, ten years ago.  Today, at the age of 36, he proudly displays his 26th effort, a 2615 pound blend of salvaged auto parts and Randel skill.    Chromed dash panel features a single Ford dial.

In direct contrast to the car on the opposite page is this completely original Ice Box White custom by Jack Randel of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Jack is somewhat of a self-styled “one man Detroit” since in the past ten years he has completed no less than 26 cars of his own.


Almost beyond the stage of a hobby, his creative desire might be classed as a phobia, but an admirable one.  Jack’s idea is to work around the basic chassis and running gear of one particular model (in this case a ’49 Ford), ingeniously blending body components from other cars.

Front fenders were remade from those of a ’38 LaSalle while back fenders were formerly the front of a ’37 Studebaker.  Jack says she hits 125 mph on paper.  But the speed of Jack Randel’s car pales before the speed of his workmanship – the completed job took him only 1000 hours!



This particular car pops up in magazine after magazine of the 1950s.  It’s distinctive style certainly caught the eye of many a magazine editor of the time.  And I’ve found photos that showed it attended many shows back in the ’50s.

So where is this car today?

I’ve looked for evidence that it survived, but have found none so far.  The Randel family may still reside in Oklahoma.  Anyone want to go on a Sport Custom finding adventure in the near future?  We certainly would have a great time and might even find his car.  What a story that would be to tell here at Sport Custom

Hope you enjoyed the story, and until next time.

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  1. The guy had good taste. I like the proportions. The front head light are very tastefully done. The early 50’s Ford speedometer look right in place.

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