California Custom Car Photo Album: Dan Post Publications, 1947


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Here’s the “Big Bang” of Sport Customs – the first salvo where this genre of cars started to get shown, defined, and discussed – the long forgotten and “rare as hen’s teeth” California Custom Car Photo Album, published by Dan Post in 1947.

Dan started publishing books on building and designing your own custom and/or sport car during World War II – in 1944.  Talk about “first in the game!”  Post was a every bit a pioneer in recognizing the inception of a special time in automotive history in America.  Through his hard work back then, we are fortunate today to be able to glimpse the beginning of the sports car and custom car movement that would begin to take hold and then burst on the American scene in the American postwar era.

Let’s take a look at what Dan Post had to say in his first photo booklet concerning these cars – the California Custom Car Photo Album – a 32 page tome published in 1947.

California Custom Car Photo Album
Dan R. Post: 1947
Post Publications
Arcadia, California


Dan Post would continue publishing books of greater detail in this area from 1944 forward.  His next book would hit the streets in 1949 and was called Dan Post’s Original Blue Book of Custom Restyling.  It was in this next book where he set forth the term – Sport Custom – beginning a new era of recognition and respect for a very special class of cars.

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  1. G’day Geoffrey, Thanks for posting this. Lots of historical inspiration to be gleaned. My 39 Sixty Special Custom is coming along nicely. It can be viewed at Rik Hoving’s Custom Car Chronicle. Regards. Quentin.

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